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Agenţia Naţională Transport Auto



for issuing of Special Transport Permit

for exceeding the total permissible weight and dimensions



The vehicles exceeding the total permissible laden weight, the permissible maximum weight on axles and/or the permissible maximum dimensions that are in public road traffic of the Republic of Moldova are regulated by the Government’s Decree no. 1073 of 01.10.2017.


The vehicles that carry indivisible goods or which, without load, exceed by construction the weight and/or dimensions limits, may carry goods on the basis of a Special Transport Permit (STP), issued according to the provisions of Government’s Decree of the Republic of Moldova no. 1073 of 01.10.2007 regarding the approval of Regulations on the authorization, control and carrying on public roads with weights and/or dimensions exceeding the established limits.



The procedure for issuing of STP:


1.    The applicant has to submit an application in order to get a AST, its model is displayed on National Agency of Road Transport (ANTA) website:, section Autorizații/ Autorizației Speciale de Transport (AST).

Application for the issuance of a special transport permit


2.    The completed, sealed and signed application may be submitted to the email: or may be submitted to the Single-Window of ANTA at the address: MD-2001, Chisinau, 6 Aleea Garii Street.

(Working program: Monday-Friday 08:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m., Break 12:00 a.m.-01:00 p.m.)


3.    When the applicant will approach to take STP permit, he/she will submit a copy of payment order on which there will be written by hand the text “The undersigned, …, declare on my own responsibility that this document is a true certified copy”.


4.    In case of the beneficiaries with vehicles not registered in the Republic of Moldova, they will receive a MPay payment bill after the necessary notifications for STP application are examined/given (


5.    After the MPay payment bill is paid, it is necessary to send the confirmation of payment to the email:


6.    After the payment will be verified/confirmed, the specialists of ANTA will issue the STP permit and will send it at the address of applicant in PDF format, signed electronically; reference to the information on the permit on the official webpage of the agency Lista autorizațiilor speciale eliberate” in order to be consulted by the competent authorities.


7.    The original AST has to be on the board of the vehicle during the entire period of carrying on public roads of goods with weights and/or dimensions exceeding the permissible limits.


8.    For more information, you may contact the specialists of ANTA: tel. +373-22-447-499.